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Hudson River Heritage (HRH) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to preserving the unique character of the Mid-Hudson Valley’s historic architecture, rural landscapes and scenic views through education, advocacy and community involvement.


Hudson River Heritage was incorporated in 1974 by founding board members J. Winthrop Aldrich, Richard Crowley, and Madeleine Post, with the purpose of preserving history in the Hudson Valley. HRH is the federally designated steward of the Hudson River National Historic Landmark District, a 32-square-mile area stretching from Germantown, in Columbia County, to Hyde Park, in Dutchess County. The Hudson River National Historic Landmark District (HRNHLD) was designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior in 1990. Federal landmark status acknowledges that the historic resources in the heart of the Hudson Valley are of the highest national significance, on par with other National Historic Landmark Districts such as Nantucket Island, the Garden District in New Orleans, and San Francisco’s Presidio.

Board of Directors

President: Warren Temple Smith

Vice-President: Linda Scherr

Treasurer: Frank Brice

Secretary: Cynthia Lambert

Regina Armstrong

David Byars

Stephen Frost

Joyce Gelb

Elizabeth B. Leckie

Kathryn Whitman


J. Winthrop Aldrich

Pompey Delafield

Max Friedman

Albert J. Gnidica

Gerrit Graham

David K. Kermani

Emily Majer

Sally Mazzarella

Arvia Morris

Sam Phelan

Kiki Steele

Vincent Teahan

Lisa Weiss

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